Below are links to product and tool suppliers, broken into categories, that I have used and feel comfortable recommending.
Ouellette Bros. Building Supplies – my local supplier.  Great service!
Spar Marathon Roofing  – These guys can supply you with just about everything.  I bought my ladder hoist from them.
Roofer’s World – provides a great selection of tools and safety products that make the job easier.  My favorite is the ‘Red Ripper’, a great tool for ripping off old shingles.   They also have some awesome gear such as roof and ladder brackets for keeping your self attached to steeper pitches.
Convoy Supply – A BC company with a great selection of tools and supplies.  Very knowledgeable staff.

Many of these tools are available through  Type in ‘roofing tools’ into the Amazon search bar on the right had column of this page. Many of the tools I’ve mentioned can viewed and even bought through Amazon.  I should let you know that I do receive a small commission from Amazon if you do purchase something from them when you use their search bar on my website.

BP Roofing Products – a solid product with good availability
CertainTeed – a high quality product line of roofing materials
Euro-Shield – makers of rubber shingles made from recycled rubber tires with a 50 year warranty!